Olympia International Fine Art and Antiques Fair 2012 Roundup

I attended my first fine art and antiques fair on the final day of the Olympia International Fine Art and Antiques Fair.

I was intending to attend on Thursday due to an interesting panel debate hosted by Sothesby’s Institute of Art but had errands to do. I decided to go on the last day just to see what the fair is like just as it is winding down although according to ArtInfo the Fair was fairly quiet even then. It is interesting to see how the art market holds up in lieu of the current economic climate – which pieces of investment are going strong, which markets are still interested and who and what the buyers, collectors, investors and attendees are. But, back to the Fair.

From the moment I first walked in, the Fair presented a statement sculpture situated in the middle of the main entrance. The cream curtains reveal just a glimpse of the 200+ dealers in the fair – the dealers and their pieces all vetted to the high standards required to be present in this event.

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