Developing One’s International and Global Perspectives.

One of the key challenges of my new role (but also living in London in general) is the UK and global/international markets. The amount of details involved, the rate of change in terms of economies and technology, the prevailing attitudes dating back to historical events would make one fainthearted at the task.

I wonder now though, the difference between a student of international [insert specialty here like business] and a student who hasn’t had formal training but in the sense could be ‘ready’ to take on an international role and someone who is not formally (as in, university degree) trained in such areas.

I come across job positions outlining certain degrees to be had if the role involved international markets.

I wonder if the same could be said of languages. In this area, if you are self-taught, lived in that country to learn the language or better yet was born in that country you obtain an advantage over someone who studied the language at university.

Could the same be said of international experience? If you are a self-navigator, if you have lived in countries (extra points of willingly and were independent) then surely that is an advantage over someone who has studied international [insert specialty here like management] at university.

Having this experience and the willingness to obtain it (you can never have too much!) I think should be second nature in an increasingly ‘small’ world. Highly connected. Mobile (still even with the financial crisis, moreso even?). Globalised.

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