It’s difficult keeping in touch with friends in London

…but at least there’s Facebook and Twitter.

Some people say that it’s difficult to make friends in London. I disagree, but the challenge here is keeping in touch with them!

Reasons why it’s difficult to keep in touch with friends in London

Too far away
If you live out of central London, commuting to catch up with friends is a bit of a pain. In Brisbane, the commute was easy, well, I took taxis all the time going home. Not as cheap as a Translink bus ticket and the public transport here is great but the distance can be a killer.

I’ve had someone go home at 4am in the morning to pick up a wallet so that they can head out to a nightclub at 5am (no, not me). But I think they were native Londoners.

Out of town
London is a great base to stop by at other cities and do a long weekend trip. While thinking about a possible BBQ or get together, I’ve just realised that one is somewhere in the UK, one is in Europe, two are outside of Europe… by the time I get to an actual date, I’ve just realised that I’m the one actually heading off somewhere.

Too busy
Self explainatory! Hah. I feel a bit selfish every time I suggest a get together. It’s actually a good area, but it’s not just that, I’m too busy setting aside time to properly catch up. Plus, I like my ‘me-time’ at home where I do the typical introvert thing where I can sit, read, and write in peace.

That’s probably it.