What makes a home?

In between moving out of my old flat and into a new one, it was quiet rocky.  I decided to make the most of it – an excuse to be a ‘tourist’ in London by staying in two different hotels in two nights before staying over at a friend’s before I was able to move in to my new place.

I was unpacking and also contemplating on what the turning points could be in terms of starting to settle in.  It could be specific items like mementos, it could be something intangible, it could be something deliberately chosen.  So here are my own personal points on what can turn an unfamiliar place into a home…

  • Sunlight on white walls in the morning
  • Plugging in my iMac (or something similar), getting connected to the web and playing music
  • The moment I do a ‘run’ ie coffee run, chocolate run, etc (I think it’s more of an Australian phrase where you quickly head out, ie in your PJ’s, to the nearest store to grab whatever it is that you’re craving)
  • Various items that remind me of who I am, where I’ve come from, what makes ‘me’.
  • Parks and greenery.  I’ve spent most of my life near parks, trees, nature so this is definitely something that I need.
  • Being able to walk to work.  Again, I’ve spent most of my life being able to walk to work (or school) and near many amenities and want to maintain this.  Yes, possible even in London.
  • Having a home office setup

What makes a home for you?

3 thoughts on “What makes a home?”

  1. I was living overseas ages 27 – 30 at the turn of the century and remember landline phones and emails being the only way to communicate. It wasn’t that long ago. Back then it was the capacity to find ingredients and cook a range of food that wasn’t common fare where I was living. Chutney, samosas, galic bread, proper muesli, these I had to make from scratch. And knowing the local back streets like the back of my hand.
    And of course having a solid social circle.

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