New Year’s Eve in London

Same with my previous post about Christmas in London, there are a lot of different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London! I was tossing up with heading out to see the fireworks near the river or head over to Primrose Hill to see the fireworks. I opted to go to the Hill and was very glad that I did!

Before the big spectacle there were mini fireworks being set off, Chinese lanterns, and just a general great vibe from locals (new and old) as well as visitors. And the night started a bit early for someone – with one of the neighbours letting off fireworks from their apartment balcony!

I have to admit that for me, New Year’s isn’t one without some sort of public spectacle – whether it be fireworks, lasers, 3d projections etc. For me, what matters is the eve’s ability to bring together large groups of people to celebrate.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different ways to do NYE in London! My dream location would be watching it from The Shard however I will most likely not be in London for the 2013 NYE. What’s your recommendation for NYE celebrations around the world?