Current travel news – September/October 2013 edition

This is one of those weeks.  Four new countries in the space of a few weeks.  It wasn’t really deliberate but just something that ‘happened’ due to a mixture of months-old plans and some last minute decisions.

Denmark and Sweden

It has been on my to-do list to touch foot on Scandinavia while it is still quiet warm and sunny.  I spent a September weekend traversing around Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund – from a free event at a Copenhagen city square sampling some amazing seafood produce and beer and admiring the design culture to a peaceful walk through the oldest city in present-day Sweden.  A weekend was not enough for me and I definitely intend to come back to explore more of the countryside and also make my way around more of the city.

Istanbul, Turkey

I will making my way to Turkey for a week long adventure to Istanbul – initially for the Biennale and for a contemporary art fair and also to witness what many have said is an amazing city to behold.  Its roots in some of history’s economic and cultural developments have given Istanbul a stead as one of the significant cities of history.  However it is a city in the middle of present day unease – there is the country’s desire for EU membership and the current disquiet at the current majority party.


In early October, I will be going to Vienna just for a weekend, and I hope to be able to go around the countryside!  My initial plan is to explore the city, including the annual design fair, and also some of the surrounding regions including the Danube river.