Seattle for tech conferences (August 2015)

I was in Seattle for a week thanks to a few tech conferences.  The last time I visited, it was dark and grey so it was a nice surprise being able to visit again while sunny.

I found the building really fascinating to see, especially the residential buildings near the water.  I was mainly around Belltown and the Sheraton hotel on 6th avenue except for a night spent in what was possibly the worst ever hotel I have ever been to which was on Aurora Avenue North.  The ‘continental breakfast’ was barely anything (luckily, the conference offered breakfasts), the bed felt like wooden planks, and it felt like nothing has changed since the 70s and in a bad way.  There were also constructions and road disruptions meaning that quiet a few times the taxis were lost and just didn’t bother parking at the hotel.

I have a tendency to book for one or two  nights at a new destination and then have the flexibility and ability to decide, simply because it’s hard to tell what the location is like.  There are reviews online but not everyone reviews plus you may have personal preferences.  I ended up staying in Belltown which had some interesting dining options and was in an interesting area in itself.

Another thing that I enjoyed about Seattle was that, I would start heading to the conference in the morning where there were very little traffic and people about and I would catch the sun’s rays on the water.  It was lovely.  But it was temporary, as I soon realised that by afternoon it’s smoky, sweaty and crowded.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything else to comment about the city since I was mainly at the conference.  Until next time Seattle (except for the Aurora Avenue North hotel)!.

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