Keeping in contact

I have been approaching at least a couple of my managers to be my reference for new opportunities and one came back with great news about their family.

I remember the first time overseas, a couple of my ex co-workers made this website called Mandi and Bambi and sent it to me on my first year away.  It came at a good time – when I was missing Brisbane.

After I moved from the UK, I didn’t really get to know nor kept in that much personal contact with my British colleagues as much. Except for one who ended up starting their own business (we Skyped a couple of times, had a catchup coffee) and one in Austria (while I was meeting another co-worker who moved from Australia to Austria).

Thinking back on the past 15 months in Canada, there has been a couple of people that I have been keeping in touch with.  They were really instrumental in helping me first get Canadian experience while I was scoping out opportunities from when I was in Australia.

Even acquaintances that I haven’t seen for four years can suddenly appear and our first impressions of each other still remain.

One of my concerns has been keeping in touch with colleagues, co-workers, friends, good friends, and so on. In some cases, the connection weakens when I move companies, industries, roles, countries, cities, social groups, even hobby groups.  In others, the connection begins again when one initiatives contact out of the blue.  However this is the case in life in general.  People come and go.