Checking one’s privilege. And where the biggest privilege is to f…

I somehow came across this post, The Privilege of Pursuing Financial Independence. The opening paragraph is:

Mr. Frugalwoods and I have made a lot of amazing financial choices, but the game is rigged. We were put in a position from birth to make these wise decisions and it’s not because we’re naturally brilliant people. Our financial advantages are the products of our socioeconomic status, our education levels, and most of all, the benefits we both had while growing up.

The entire post feels like a complete humblebrag, but at the same time, it’s a dose of reality in knowing that people are not on the same level playing field.

When I was reading it, I started to think about what potential privileges I have had and apply it to living around the world. Not necessarily remote or tech related.  I also had a think about factors about me that could put me in some disadvantage and decided to list them all below.

My privilege…

I am healthy. I am in perfect physical, emotional and mental health.

I have no dependents. Be it in caring for my own children or aging parents,  I have no one who will depend on me.

I have access to the labor market of at least two major economies.  And multiple other countries such as the Australian-only E-3 visa for to enter the US labor market easily.

I can get more than one citizenship. Or triple, if I feel like staying in a country long enough to be a citizen and I can be bothered to apply for the third one.

I can spend meh money (but I don’t, due to personal financial lessons). It could be on useless shit but would rather spend it on education and life experiences.

I am educated and my education is recognized around the world.  Liberal bachelors, STEM Masters, a finance certificate (because I thought it would be good to study this area). In due time, I can pick up whatever skills when I put my mind to it.  And speaking of the mind, I don’t have learning disabilities that will impede me learning my way around a new language or new city.

English is my first and main language and it is globally recognized.  The pinnacle of my ‘English-ness’ was in marketing for a traditional British organization which had the Queen as a honorary member.

I have work experience that is recognized around the world.  Various roles, various industries, various job types.  I can apply for work visas in one or two types of highly skilled / sought after occupations.

I have educated, fiscally responsible parents.  My parents, especially my dad, didn’t hesitate to impart financial advice. On my 17th birthday, I was given this famous personal finance book and it had an effect on me even to this day.  This fiscal responsibility was important, especially when living on my own (for the most part) and knowing I don’t access to State Government help should anything happen to me.

I had an early start to being independent and learning to be independent.  I moved out of home at age 18, thanks to having an allowance from my parents and from a university scholarship.  I founded a startup at age 19 and had to learn how to manage it.  I first moved overseas at age 22. I had to learn how to hustle wherever I was.

The biggest privilege…


Is to be able to say fuck you and to be able to fuck off.

I don’t have time for anyone who not only contribute nothing to your personal and professional development, but actively work against it.  It’s easy for me to take these people out of my life.  If I have someone saying no, you can’t do that it’s easy for me to turn around and say “Oh really, we’ll I’ll show you how I can do it”.  I appreciate people who contribute to my life, no matter what level it is.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be praise, just contributions.

I have the freedom to leave situations that work against me.  I can wake up each morning and go to bed each night making a decision that if for  whatever reason what I did today is going against my long term plans…then I can fuck right off.  If something is simply not working and there is no recourse to amend any improvements at all, then I have the ability to fuck off that situation.