Digital Art

Right up until the age of 17 or 18, I was obsessed with Photoshop and photoshop-manipulation.

A lot of what inspired me was music.  Sometimes it would be one lyric, but a lot of the times it would something really minor like a guitar solo.

I would spend weeks making an image… all based on 10 or 20 seconds of a particular song.  For some reason, the music just stuck to me.  An example is the one below, which is pretty much inspired by the lyric “under the ice you will believe” by Blind Guardian.  I made that image at age 17:

It was easy to be a creative person when you are in high school.  When I tried to turn this into some sort of viable income source in college and do art for others, it sucked so I decided to go do something else.

Then adulthood comes and something like ‘professional puberty’ happens.  This is when I become self-conscious of the type of ‘image’ I was portraying out to others, especially of the professional kind.  I decide that it would be best to hide my art from the public.   Then a year or two ago I just I stopped caring about what other people thought.

Right now, I’m just going to leave the links and samples online while I work on this small online art gallery…

I still have the photo-manipulation ideas.