Another +1 for new Berlin folks

Previously, I wrote about using PrimePantry for my first proper grocery shopping trip. This came about since I don’t know German that well, wanted to save time shopping and wanted more types of product.

At the same session, I was doing a lot of household related shopping.  When I first moved into my apartment, it was already furnished and basically ready to move in but I wanted to buy some household items anyway. I had planned to go out but … again would have to face the task trying to translate things from German to English (again, I know very little German and have only been here for less than a week), getting lost, getting hopelessly distracted by doing tourist things since I’m still in tourist mode.  I decided instead to just buy it all online.

I think this screenshot also shows another one of my dilemmas:

Yes, that’s for buying something as simple as a new set of pillow cases and now my pillow world has completely diversified.