Living in Berlin, October 2020 – Open Air Flea Market (Flöhmarkt) at Mauerpark and Berlin view from Jannowitzbrücke

One of the best things to do on a Sunday is to go to an open air flea market, and the market at Mauerpark is one of the biggest. It’s actually more like a half-flea market and half crafts market. In addition, you can have a snack from one of the many food trucks there, or grab a beer or pizza from the outside biergarten (beer garden).

A licorice stand with a LOT of different types of licorice – sweet, sour, salty, even spicy.
Outside in the sun, with people heading out to a cafe or going for a stroll
The actual part of the flea market. Vinyls were on sale on the foreground. In the background is a long table set with numerous knick knacks, all strangely grouped together as well.
A DDR sign amongst a background of tea sets, random silver containers, plates and various others.
The market itself