Berlin Christmas 2020

Massive Christmas tree at Tiergarten

Unfortunately, the new restrictions in place (then) had unfortunately wiped out nearly all forms of public life, except for worship (which even then, some services took place in the open air).

These photos were taken before new restrictions in place on December 16 which closed down non essential shops.

In the outdoor stall, you can buy Advent wreaths set in fir, acorns, ribbons, etc. The peak for sales is usually late November, before the first Sunday which is when the first candle is lighted.
A shop laid out in Christmas decorations over a long dining table. This was a pop up concept type of shop at the Bikini Berlin mall, where restauranters (which, had to be closed for dine in service since early November) could sell packaged food.
A fancy flower shop near where the embassies are at the Märkisches Musuem near Jannowitzbrücke.

I would have preferred to have seen open air markets or businesses like flower shops still open. Not only that, but biergartens and restaurants with open seating should have the opportunity to be able to set up winter outdoor seating.

Writing this in February 2021: I’ve been out of Berlin since mid December but based on what I’ve read in the groups, people still need to have that social connection so playgrounds have been full, people still going out for walks, also private gatherings but less. I still keep in touch with a group for the occasional virtual “Friday night drinks”. One person left for the UK and got affected by the travel suspensions, another went to western Germany to see their German family, another somewhere in the north of Germany, another went skiing somewhere in Switzerland over Christmas. For people that could, they left Berlin during the holidays period.