BF10 Day 4: Baroque Tarantella

Me, a Critical Mass blogger Toby and many of his friends/colleagues attended Baroque Tarantella, a special performance by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and L’Arpeggiata from Paris.  Had a brief chat with Toby before the performance and he was very excited to see the event – well, considering that he runs and owns a business called Simply for Strings (a full service violin shop!).  I have not seen ABO perform by themselves before and it has been 2-3 years since I last saw an orchestra at QPAC.  Actually the last event that I want to in that venue was Brisbane Festival’s Mariza and enjoyed my first taste of fado. Continue reading BF10 Day 4: Baroque Tarantella

Lessons from Flying

I couldn’t help but compared what it was like to fly the aircraft to other situations in life – situations where you are pushed to the deep end, situations where you really do need to pilot yourself across whatever it is you are up against. I was going to write an entry about the similarities between flying and entrepreneurship but feel that this is the case in other areas of life. Continue reading Lessons from Flying