Pompeii – From Vine Fields to Arenas

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While there are buildings, templates and interiors that are interesting, the Pompeii ruins also had interesting fields and large-scale outdoor arenas that can be explored.

There are three ampitheatres – Teatro Piccolo, Teatre Grande (interior pictured) and Anfiteatro (pictured external).

Teatro Grande

You can enter these and also explore the outside perimeters.

Near Anfiteatro (the produced is name Villa dei Misteri) are some interesting vineyards. This is where the grapes are planted in the same position on the same soil, are grown using identical techniques in AD 79. These are all based on the studies from the Applied Researches Laboratory. How did they find the locations? It was through the original plaster casts of the ancient roots that were found.

Casa del Giardino di Ercole vineyards:

Casa del Giardino di Ercole vineyards

Orto dei Fuggiaschi vineyard:

Orto dei Fuggiaschi vineyard

It was quiet an experience running into the vineyards after the heat from the ruins and also reading about the history of its cultivation.