When parents give you advice on international pension planning and FI

Email from dad:

Again, the mantra is not how much you earn but how much you save and invest. You need to save, preferably automated one to retirement fund provided by employer invested in low-cost ETF diversified shares. This should come from your pay pre-tax with employer and employee contributions (like Australia’ s superannuation system). Get familiar with Ireland’ s system, check your Canada’s retirement system if you can consolidate them into one fund. Get invested early, and with regular automated pre-tax contribution, your return is magnified with compound re-investment until you have adequate passive income such that employment is not a need.
We started about x years ago with extra contributions to super and full payment to mortgage at great sacrifice of doing high pressure jobs, but the reward is great, we are ready to retire with tax-free passive pension income. You’re equipped with knowledge, so practice it.