…then through the mountains – Bușteni, Sinaia, Brașov county in Transylvania before catching the Romanian train to Sighișoara

And finally, nearly one week spent in Brașov

Outdoor cafes and restaurants.
How I planned the day (or how I usually plan when I travel..). Just bus routes going to and from my hotel…
Signs leading into a park

The cafe that I spent some time working in.

First class, Romanian train

It was very easy to book a ticket. I just booked mine at the Brașov train station which provided the details in English.

You can also check the times online, but there are some agregator sites out there that can provide times that also included BlaBlaCar (car sharing) and also bus.

Personally, I didn’t want to spend too much time worrying about things so I just booked first class.

Even though I was allocated a seat, I instead chose another seat by the window 😉 The train conducters didn’t say anything.
It’s quiet interesting – because on another train ride leaving Sighișoara, I was ‘allowed’ to sit on my unallocated seat but there was a man who I think asked the conducter in Romanian about his and he was promptly told (based on body language) that he had to sit somewhere else. So there might be a silver lining in my inability to communicate in Romanian.