Berlin is awesome in the summertime

The last time I went out to the city centre was early June and since then, I’ve been outside Berlin travelling.

Now, the city is buzzing with summer crowds and local and visitors alike are enjoying the summer while it lasts.

In Berlin, there are many special ways of doing summer.  You can be out enjoying a drink on a chair by the water or in Alexanderplatz.  Or going alfresco dining in the many quiet eatiers around the place.  Or riding your bicycle around the picturesque parks.  Or having a picnic at Treptow Feld.

Bridge walkway outside Ostkreuz station
I went down to river level and had a fish sandwich and water, watching the people travelling by on the ferries and boats.

And the buildings and structure seems much lighter.

I don’t know about you, but for some reason the visual combination of brick and blue sky, or grey structure and blue sky is really pleasing to me.

The Holocaust Memorial, but there is something that I like about how the light grey of the memorial is interacting with the blue sky.
Staring at this ceiling feels like I am staring at ocean waves. Very calming.
The low building of the Postdamer Platz Bahnof in contrast with the tall structures is visually pleasing and balancing for me.