Sydney trip for my French Working Holiday Visa

I was in Sydney this month to finally get the paperwork moving for the working holiday visa for France. It went smoothly, other than a minor hiccup involving additional paperwork that I needed to send off.

Some simple yet effective advice for anyone that is applying:

  • Follow the paperwork to the T. There is no leeway at all whatsoever even if this is your 4th or 5th WHV visa and you’re used to all the different requirements.
  • Look for a requirements checklist offered by the Consultate. Don’t rely on requirements checklists offered elsewhere.
  • Don’t bother asking them if you can apply at another French embassy elsewhere in Australia.

Anyway, here are just a few photos from my trip.

The last time I was in Sydney was in 2014, so there has been quiet a few changes to the city. Most notable were all the changes around Pyrmont with the ICC. Some things remain a classic, like the Sydney Opera House:

There was also some contemporary art

My visa should arrive sometime mid to late May.