Social Media and The Shard

To be fair, The Shard did an excellent job at keeping fans and influencers interested via their Twitter and Facebook Page. The website is immaculately designed and a visual feast with its amazing photography, typography and layout. They also included a livestream attached to both the Facebook Page and the website. The one item that was not thought out too well, if at all, was the live event social media strategy.

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The Shard, keeping focus

The Shard taken near London Bridge station. Photo by Generation Y Expat.


Today was sunny with blue skies – a nice and welcome change after two to three weeks of constant rain.  I decided to go for a walk after meeting up with Clare Lancaster at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs and make the most of the great weather.  I am slowly making my way around the surroundings (well, just central London) and have started using landmarks, buildings, and Tube stations as my ‘map’ rather than relying so much on Google Maps or even checking TFL.

The Shard is everywhere when one walks around central London.  It doesn’t matter if I just came out of a sidestrack, from under a bridge or around the corner.  It can be framed by an old 18th century church, stand above a brick wall or peep through an industrial lot. I always get a nice surprise when I see this unique building in view in the most unfamiliar of places and surroundings.

This observation today brings me back to my current situation now.  I don’t have directions and I don’t have a ‘Point A’ to go to a ‘Point B’.  I had a good conversation with someone who remarked that I was a very focused person – even if I didn’t have a list or a detailed plan of where or what I will do in terms of the absolute minute detail.  I have my own Shard – this one thing that will always remain or find its way into my focus regardless of where I am, my surroundings or the state of the environment.