Losing Weight – how I lost nearly 25 kilograms in 6 months, doing intermittent fasting, low carb, more exercise

Writing that headline feels like I am writing something that is deliberately ‘click-bait’ content. But really, I did lose nearly 25 kilograms and yes, I lost it in a 6 month time period. And yes, I am still maintaining my weight to around the BMI 20-21 range.

The simplest thing I learned? Once you put your mind into a goal, you can achieve it.

I mean, 25 kilograms is a LOT of weight and I still can’t believe that it happened in a 6 month period.

The day I decided to change my life, I posted an update for help on ways to go about it. I took on board the advice and suggestions, and I went with it. I went with a low carb, low sugar diet. I did not watch calories and same with fats.

I changed my diet and I moved to something more healthier. More fruits, more vegetables. Less refined sugars, less refined carbohydrates. Yes, I ate potato chips, I had a burger, I had some cake. It was still OK, not punishing myself over this.

One of the big challenges I had was facing a working period from 6-7pm to 2 am due to timezone differences. I decided to do intermittent fasting where I stopped eating from 8pm and I would eat again at 1pm. It was a bit brutal, and each morning I felt lazy not being able to get up due to staying late. But my body adjusted – first meal by 1pm, exercise at around 3 or 4pm, a meal after that and final meal by 7 to 8pm.

Yes, I also had the plateau. In fact, I think I plateaued for about three months and seriously wondering how the heck I could move against it.

To top it off, I was on a five week holiday throughout Italy, and Croatia in the summer season. But, I still had pasta (the most delicious was one with raw shrimp near Lake Como) and I still ate SO much gelato (I have lost track of how many flavours of gelato I had, maybe more than 20). And still, during my holiday I kept eating salads and fruits, walked a lot and if available I would also go to the gym. Somehow that is how I moved from my plateau, lost several more kilograms while back in Paris.

One person even commented that while back in Paris, I would gain weight. Well to that person (who themselves is also overweight…) no, I have not gained weight, in fact I have not only lost but I am also maintaining it. All these even though I have been a bit more free eating fresh bread and cheese and enjoying croissants AND enjoying pastries.

It was not just the weight loss that had changed, but also my mindset around healthy eating in general. It was just so, so, so easy to do it now.