London Moving Guide for Generation Y/New Expats

I have been spending a bit of time in introspection over the past 2.5 years, primarily because certain reminders are there.  For example, running into a hard drive which contained an overview of what I wrote when I was 16 as well as old emails from a few years ago.  I recently had a Twitter exchange with another Aussie which has prompted me to make the blog public again for future expats.

A comment from a reader from 2012.. “I stumbled across it googling “solidify job before moving to london”.

You might be wondering why the random e-mail but I felt like all my insecurities have been summed up in your post. Moving to a new place without a job, stress of finding accommodation, needing to apply for a working holiday visa (timing has to be done right), etc.

 I’m a Perth girl, working in corporate finance. I have a good job and a strong network of friends and family here.

I have always been my ambition to work out of Europe – London, Amsterdam, Berlin in particular. Unfortunately being in finance, my ambitions were dampened by rising unemployment and the GFC.

I commend you for making the move and ignoring the news in order to pursue your goals. And I’m trying to muster up that amount of courage to make my eventual move.

 I guess the reason for my email was just to let you know that you’ve inspired someone out there. I’m also interested to know any further advice you may have for me ahead of my move.”

 A comment from another reader from 2013..

This is a great post! I’m 23, a QUT grad and making the move to London in 2 weeks. I’ve never been there before and neither do I have ‘rich’ parents who can help me out when things get rough. I’m completely throwing myself in the deep end here and not sure what to expect but this is great advice!