Four days in Hamburg

Overlooking the Altetouristk
Around 11am at the Fischmarkt area
Port for the Fischmarkt area taken outside the Fischauktionshalle
Some sort of bike swap or bike market at St Pauli

I spent 4 days in Hamburg in Germany. Really amazing city and the second major German city that I visited other than Berlin.

The entire city is quiet compact and pretty much a lot of the major sites are walkable from each other.

Some highlights:

  • Seeing the ships and port at Baumwall and walking alongside it from Baumwall U-Bahn to the Fischmarkt area.
  • Walking along HafenCity Hamburg where the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is located. Also a very nice area to take in the buildings and other sites.
  • Having an Erdbeeren Prosecco overlooking the area at Jungferstieg overlooking the Alsterfontäne, especially when it is sunny. On Sunday there was an outdoor music setup but I had to leave.
  • Going on Sunday morning to the Fischauktionshalle – I went later (around 10am to 10.30am) to get away from the crowds of people there in the morning and went for one of the local specialties, Fischbrötchen, inside. They also had live music playing as well as a lunch buffet on the upper level. You can also buy these outside in the food vans parked outside, but I found the quality is not as good.
  • Going shopping and a coffee in the nice cafes around the city area.
  • Watching a wedding in Hamburg take place outside the Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg.
  • Walking along the Alter Elbtunnel from one side of the canal / river to the other and seeing the city from the vantage from the other side. Also exiting via the larger elevators which had a loading capacity of 6 to 10 tonnes each.

There are lot of things that you can do in Hamburg – I’d love to come back and go see a theatre or show and also see the museums. Maybe next time!

6 to 10 tonne capacity elevator
Walking or riding a bike inside the Elbtunnel
Fischbroetchen is a local specialty.
HafenCity Hamburg building
Buildings at St-Pauli