Flohmarkt (flea market) shopping at Berlin Ostbahnof during May Day (or Labour Day)

May Day is a public holiday in Germany and while there are many options that you can do during this day, one of those is shopping at the super-größe flea market located at Berlin Ostbahnof, one of the mainline railway stations.

There are many things for many tastes and budgets. From curated porcelain right through to porcelain in boxes selling for an euro. You can get some ‘old’ items (postcards, door knobs, frames), various artworks, even normal stuff like jars or cutlery, as well as some special furnitures and home decorations. I ended up coming out with some wonderful porcelain for coffee / tea / kuchen and some kitchenware items.

Tea cup and small plate for 1.50 euro

Tips for the flohmarkt

  • Have an agenda of what you intend to buy or check out – be it gifts, homewares, a decoration, frames.
  • Make sure to wear flat, closed shoes. Some of the area can be dusty and you do not want to be trampled when it gets crowded.
  • Bring your own bag – I packed a foldable lightweight bag. Some people came with those small personal shopping trolleys, others only clutched their wares.
  • If you intend to buy porcelain or anything delicate, it would be useful to bring some bubble wrap or newspaper with you.
  • Cash only!!
  • Check out the items laid out in boxes (probably not along the main walkaway), you may get some good value finds.
  • You can bargain (ie 10 euro for a sugar container, went down to 8, then 7 – though this was from the person’s side).
  • To eat, there are some areas with benches laid out or you can have a small picnic if you bring a blanket.