Berlin Maker Faire at FEZ

Today was my first time going to a Maker Faire and it was in Berlin at an area called FEZ which turned out to be this huge type of indoors and outdoors area just for children and young people to have fun. It’s actually my first time seeing this and it was pretty cool.

I only spent one hour at the Maker Faire and it was quiet enough for me as I didn’t intend to purchase anything there.

And left with a few German magazines to practice reading comprehension!

Kostenlos Zeitschriften

Some of the other stalls that interested me were, interestingly enough, most had nothing much to do with technology and more to do with ‘making’

  • Blacksmithing demonstration where I can actually watch a few blacksmiths at work. Very hot and physical type of work! Don’t think I’ll be taking up blacksmithing any time soon…
  • Making your own canoe, with a few canoes on display.
  • Very interesting sculpture made of light and wood with some LEDs – but the LEDs where more like icing on a well-done cake and the sculpture work itself was far more interesting.
  • A project featuring a robotic arm playing drums.

Thankfully not a lot in terms of ‘commercial’ type work, there were a lot of kids and families there though.

Personally, I’d love to go to a much larger fair – perhaps in Shenzen or New York, even London.