Bruxelles 2019

I was back in Bruxelles, this time for FOSDEM 2019. It’s my second time in the city and my second time at FOSDEM, the first being last year.

Before I checked into my hotel, I took a walk around the shops at Louisa metro. I needed to buy a pair of boots for the winter and succeeded! Also stayed a bit at a cafe for a coffee and an energy ball. This was near Urban Outfitters.

This time around, I stayed in two areas. The first area was around the Ma Campagne metro stop. It was actually a nice area with some museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes to be at. I walked around and explored a few cafes over there:

The hotel that I decided to stay for the night was actually very nice, I decided to upgrade at the reception.

Later on, I moved to another hotel near the EU Parliament. It was OK, very large room but was not as nice as the previous one.

Since I have already been to Bruxelles before, I did the tours and walk around the palaces already. I did a bit of exploring before making my way to FOSDEM for the two days.

One thing I would have liked to do was arrange a tour/visit at the EU Parliament, however the times they have available clashed with my schedule. Hopefully next time!

This time, Bruxelles was colder than last year with a couple of days of snow or icy rain. Hopefully the weather will be a tad better next year.