Japanmarkt im Berlin! August 2019

‘Japanmarkt’ or a Japanese themed market at Birgit & Bier in Berlin near Treptow Park. The venue was like a free-roaming type of beer garden with spaces for various shops and food stalls set up. There was a small stage for a kimono demonstration and I also spotted a dance while leaving.

It was such a nice event. I tried some matcha waffles with chocolate and banana (the ones shaped like a fish), some soupless soba with chicken karaage, sparkling sake and bought a matcha liquor. Also some Japanese stationery. I’m feeling really nostalgic of my high school days. In Australia, at least in my high school, you have the option to learn a language other than English and we had the option to learn Japanese.

After Japanmarkt, I went to a “Designer Garden Market” at another venue but it was a bit small, cramped and not really to my taste.