Mary Jane Cannabis Convention Berlin

Disclaimer: I bought some cheap tickets online and decided to go for completely novelty reasons but also because I was curious as to what the whole industry is like. I don’t smoke or vape, nor do I grow or invest, nor do I partake in anything pretty much related to this nor do I have any need for medical marijuana.

So, I am back from the Mary Jane Cannabis Convention in Berlin at Arena Berlin. It was a really interesting event although I was probably only there for about 1-2 hours before deciding to leave. It was crowded – the site listed out 250 international exhibitors, 25,000 visitors and 30,000 products. Interestingly enough there was no age limit but people under 18 needed to have their parents there and I did see a few kids there with their parents.

Most of the people there were pretty much the demographic that you’d expect here, with some I guess what you call dabblers or tourists. It’s a convention, so you have all sorts of thing that you’d expect going to a convention – ie checking out items from fertilizers to growers. And then you have the various suppliers on board for vapes, rolling papers, rolling kits and whatnot. And of course there is the produce – anything from edible hemp and CBD-infused products right through to CBD crystals and so on. Oh and weed.

Best “I’m in Berlin” moment was drinking this hemp infused (?) lemonade overlooking the river, with some people on the river standing up wondering “What the heck? Why is there so many people? What is the festival I wonder?”. Unfortunately the moment taken in a photo does not capture it in full.
Various hemp products – this one by an Italian supplier. I was a bit tempted to buy the handmade hemp pasta but it was 7 euros. I did try their hemp biscuits and breadsticks but it really was not that delicious.
Awesome live DJ
Some CBD infused softgel caps and CBD oil of various strenghts
These guys capitalized on the whole Netflix Narcos brand even though they are not associated with the series.
Some ‘high tech’ cabinets available in 3 wood surfaces, automatic/manual monitoring to control lightning, humidity and temperature, and so on. When it’s closed it looks like any other furniture.
In front are some samples of CBD infused hot/spicy condiments that you can try with fresh cucumber. There were also other condiments that you can try out infused with CBD – I tried these plus pesto with bread at another stall.

Ok, I came out with a few items though largely around CBD-infused products – tea, coffee, a lightweight oil, a couple of lollipops and someone gave me some CBD-infused dog treats.

I largely stayed away from stuff that I felt just really gimmicky and also a lot of the sugary stuff, except for the two lolly but they were only 50 cents each..