Expat Finance and Expat-Lit

What are some great books and resources out there on expat finance?

I am currently reading the Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing written by Andrew Hallam who is a personal finance columnist and an expat since 2003.  The tone of the book is very much conversational aimed at a wider audience from the expat community (hence the subtitle “From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat”).  This is recommended when you are in the research stage of offshore investment and considering retirement plans.

Has anyone explored expat-lit? I remember reading Expat Women Confessions on a plane trip once.  I also have some books on third culture kids/adults but at this stage they are way back in the to-read list.  Expat-lit seems to be big, as indicated on Amazon, there are plenty of social media accounts and blogs dedicated to this topic and sub-topics.

I have a particular interest on expat finance though and I find the field overall very interesting.  If you have read any great books on this topic, feel free to comment below.