The Berlin Wall panorama by Yadegar Asisi

This creation is a 360° panorama by artist Yadegar Asisi at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. It captures an experience of the Berlin Wall at around that location in 80s.

When you first enter, you will see a series of black and white and colour photographs taken, complete with descriptions. There were also small videos as well as some map details.

Following that, you enter a very very large room, basically the exhibition itself. It is dark, with a tinge of blue. Soundscapes can be heard in the background of what could have been urban life back then.

The panorama itself is almost lifesize and very detailed. As someone who did digital art professionally (for a short period of time) I was really intrigued and I knew the amount of effort it would have taken to photomanipulate this, realistically, and at the detail and high resolution that it was made available in.

Alas, I was expecting a bit more. For some reason, I thought it was like some sort of real life reconstruction where, once you go inside, you are actually physically transported back to the time.

I really like learning more about the Cold War era. There was a Netflix TV series which covered the escapes by the Germans during that time, including a family escaping via a homemade hot air balloon as well as a light aircraft.