BF10 Day 4: Baroque Tarantella

Me, a Critical Mass blogger Toby and many of his friends/colleagues attended Baroque Tarantella, a special performance by the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra and L’Arpeggiata from Paris.  Had a brief chat with Toby before the performance and he was very excited to see the event – well, considering that he runs and owns a business called Simply for Strings (a full service violin shop!).  I have not seen ABO perform by themselves before and it has been 2-3 years since I last saw an orchestra at QPAC.  Actually the last event that I want to in that venue was Brisbane Festival’s Mariza and enjoyed my first taste of fado.

Entering the Concert Hall was a few musicians and Christina Pluhar with her theorbo.  Even though her back was to the audience, I could tell that it was Christina.  Also noted that everytime she stood up, she would gesture towards the orchestra while giving the audience a big, warm smile..and then she would sit down again and they would move on to the next piece.

Anna Dego and Lucilla Galeazzi (see this YouTube video) make an interesting performance together, alongside Gianluigi Trovesi.  There was this one piece where Lucilla literally mimicked my mum (whenever she had to lecture me about something) to Gianluigi…some sort of arguement…the audience sensed that this was a comical scene and laughed in surprise when Gianluigi kissed Lucilla in the cheek.  She looked surprised! Another standout was Anna Dego twirling, jumping, kicking the air, stomping and the audience visibly (and audibly) going woah!

See Baroque Tarantella tomorrow night at QPAC and you would want to check out Havana Club after as well.


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