My six month anniversary with…London

It’s odd.  I bought a return flight from London to Brisbane and was set to go back at the end of September to get my dose of Australiana before I could head back.  After weighing up the pros and cons of spending a fortnight in Brisbane (mainly Toowoomba) in September vs holding off the flight in exchange for small getaways around Europe (already booked Nice, Monaco and Morroco!), I decided to go for the latter so it looks like it will be a while until I go down under.

On the plus side though, it has been six months since I boarded a Virgin Atlantic flight from Brisbane to London.  The weekend before I flew was spent packing and also saying my goodbyes.  On the same month, I spent a week in Adelaide then straight after, a few days in Stradbroke Island.  The night I came back to Brisbane was a letter in the mail saying that my passport (with my visa to the UK) was in Australia Post.  At the Sydney airport, I was still replying to emails in relation to my projects and work back in Brisbane and almost missed my connecting flight to Hong Kong!

I won’t go through the details of what happened between then and now although you can probably read snippets of it throughout this blog – lessons I’ve learned, advice I’ve given, blog entries where I clearly needed some space to just put certain things into words…

I would never have guessed what six months could look like – that’s the upside of being open to possibilities.  The downside? Being more vulnerable, I think, however being open seems to have this interesting effect of being more focused…

So, here’s a photo of a poster on my wall.  It sums up my year so far and I hope the same goes to the other “Gen Y Expats” out there!

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