Taxation in your First Year

The following are quick tips for new expats those arranging first-year tax returns in their new country.

The details will change depending on what country you live in so please keep in mind when you read the following.

  • Go with a taxation account or a service provider like H & R Block.  The time that you spend with these service professionals is a lot of time saved navigating any do-it-yourself taxation software or forms.
  • Even if the software and forms are free or cheap, the time that you will save is time that you cannot gain back.  They may even have some sort of deal or promotion for those in the first year in the country.
  • When you do approach a service professional, make sure to do your research prior to your appointment.  Usually they will publish some sort of check list of potential forms and documentation that you need in your own circumstance.
  • There may be some concessions made for those that have relocated in order to take up a job.  This is usually within the country and not from outside.  For example, if you landed in Country A and in City A and obtained an offer in City B you may be able to obtain concessions for the relocation expenses as long as it occurred within that country.
  • Find out what other credits you can obtain in your own province since this will differ in other provinces.

The first time I was filling in my tax return, I had the worst advice that one could get as a first year – and that is to do the tax return yourself.  Do not do this.  Make sure to get a professional!