Asterix & Obelix, and Tintin

Back when I was young, we only had libraries where we could borrow books.  One day, I happened upon comics and from there on grew my love for Asterix and Obelisk and the Tintin comics series.  This was in Australia, in my home town. And their exploits captured my imagination.

In my walk around the city centre, I noticed quiet a few shops and storefronts specializing in the art of comics and cartoons like the above.

There was a Tintin museum (above) which was more like a fancy memorabilia and gift shop selling shirts, calendars, postcards, stationary, art and more.  I picked up a postcard and also a folder.

What I didn’t realize until much, much later on (in my mid 20s) was that Tintin was a Belgian creation, and Asterix and Obelisk were French. Obviously, I was reading the English translations when I was young.  I would love to one day be able to read the originals!