Don’t forget to financially support creators.

I’ve been on a roll when it comes to being more mindful of financially supporting (aka donating) creators that I look up to and admire. In the past few months, I’ve donated to six projects. These projects are varied. From language learning tutors, hackers, artists, right through to developers.

I financially support them and for many reasons:

– I want to give back to those that have inspired me, or those that have helped me whether it is a sysadmin tool they made in their free time or the YouTube channel they run with millions of views (which, for the record, is who does an amazing job with videos)

– I want to let them know that they have someone that backs them, not just in word, but also in financial support.

– I know what it is like to be a creator/entrepreneur, and any means of support has definitely made the hard work and dedication pay off.

Without these individuals, we would not lead richer, more interesting lives. Think carefully about the page that you are viewing, the article that you are reading, the image that you are seeing, the YouTube channel that you watching and think about the hours and effort it takes to create something that contributes to other people’s lives.