Italian Street Food Festival, Berlin

Enjoyed myself at the Italian Street Food Festival in Berlin! I went on Sunday at noon. Get off at Ostkreuz station, walk down Markgrafendamm including the ://about blank which still had music blaring and a small line-up outside and then you reach Osthafen where the Italian Street Food Festival is.

Since I arrived at around opening time it took about 15-20 minutes for the vendors to get ready a bit but I took advantage of there not being a lot of crowds.

A lot of seating area and this was in an inner city ‘beach’ with a small water area (not for swimming though). There was a live DJ playing music (not pictured here).
This was a Sicilian seafood caponata with really really fresh and tasty seafood. Berlin being inland, I have no idea how fresh they made it. Underneath was a Sicilian aubergine type of salad. They had bread to accompany it and it was really delicious and filling. It was almost like soda bread – not thick/dense nor thin/fluffy. This was topped with a basil leave and chopped almonds.
I ended up buying some truffels and a type of bruschetta with sliced pastrami ham and truffels in olive oil. It was delicious. They also gave me advice to store the truffels which is in olive oil and marinate it in for about 10 hours.

I have to say that I really need to make sure to go to Sicily since I love the cuisine there!

Cluj-Napoca and its many faces – from monuments to jazz and street food

I visited Cluj-Napoca on my own.  While some of the locals will remark that there was nothing much to see and do in Cluj and that it’s better enjoyed with people you know, I was surprised to find the opposite.

It so happened that there were some cultural events there – a public opera organized by the Romanian National Opera and Jazz in the Park.

Some tourist shots of Cluj-Napoca…

I found the city to be quiet good in the ‘livability’ index with the number of places that you can enjoy with friends.

…then I enjoy the same things that locals also enjoy at Jazz in the Park