Bloating The ‘Digital’ in Digital Nomad


That was a part of my setup about a year ago.  It also doesn’t include a small box I had with smaller electronics, two keyboards, three mobile phones, two Arduino kits, a Raspberry Pi kit, a soldering kit, a printer, Xbee wifi kits and a lot of cables.

A bit after that I have another 21″ monitor – I’ve moved houses since that photo was taken so my desk was a lot bigger.

Edit: I’ve since moved and have shed quiet a bit of gear including giving away a few laptops.  But the really light 19″ monitor is great for hauling around – if only it was foldable though..

Kubernetes Workshop at Google Dublin HQ


I went to the Kubernetes workshop held at Google Dublin HQ.

You can follow along with the 101 workshops before making your way to the individual workshops.

I’m familiar with the Google Cloud Platform but most of my time was spent crunching datasets using BigQuery.  The workshop had me spending ample time on Google Cloud Shell which to be semi-OK to use but I found some parts of it not that user friendly.  For example, I wanted to come back, highlight the results and make an offline copy but pretty much found it impossible to highlight what I needed on the shell to copy and paste in my clipboard.

Anyway it was a fair bit of time on their shell and getting acquainted with the kubectl syntax.

Following from one of the workshop sections you can also deploy an image to Docker.