Singapore, February 2018

Had a brief walk around Marina Bay in Singapore. My third time in Singapore – last time was a few years ago and the first was back in 1996 when it was a completely different place.

It was great walking around and remembering various little details that I forgot since my last visit.  For example, my first ‘post-plane’ meal (I was on a sandwich and breakfast bars for about 13 hours!) was in the same area that I had my last meal.  And this awesome hawker market was near Dhoby Gaut station, a station that I forgot until I was soon facing in front of the sign at the MRT. Oh, and when I first entered Marina Sands to go to a conference and remembering the little signage taking me there.

I only documented a few photos from my last trip.  And this recent trip was very short also before I needed to catch another flight.

I love the architecture and the little details that are in Marina Bay Sands.  They had an art installation set up outside to add golden wheat ‘fields’ in front of the mall:

This is one of my favorite places to sit down and relax a bit.  There are some bars and restaurants dotted on the outside and I remember relaxing for a couple of hours with a cold lychee beer last time.  This time around, I paused for a bit to take this photo:

They also had a new museum that I’ve noticed but I didn’t go inside called the Red Dot Museum. ‘Red dot’ or ‘little red dot’ is actually a reference to Singapore:

One item I missed out on my last visit was to walk all the way to the Parkland to these large ‘tree-like’ structures.  There were also numerous other museums and more tourist attractions in this area:

Overall, I had a nice stopover in Singapore and would love to come back again for another visit!  This time around I only had time to go around Marina Bay and not the other places like Chinatown, which is another area that I recommend.