Art Fair Philippines 2018

I have been to many art events, but this is the first one for Asia, in particular the Philippines.

Much of the artist representation are local as well as regional artists from surrounding countries including Singapore and Japan. There were even many artists here that are showing in the lead up to the art fair to go to in Asia, Art Basel Hong Kong, which I unfortunately am going to miss. Nonetheless I had a good time browsing through this art fair.

One thing to note is that in order to enter the fair you will need to go up about two or three levels of a carpark before you are taken into a ‘common area’ with seats. This is where you sit in rows until you are called up to be able to buy tickets.  I couldn’t tell if people that bought their tickets online were able to fast track, but it would be nice to be able to fast track this process if you had bought your ticket online.  I think that they did this since there was a line up last year but also because the fair venue was in a carpark.  The other alternative would have been to hire out a convention centre or a hall but I think that this would have possibly increased ticket prices.

Another item to note is that it would be nice to be able to buy an art fair booking showing artist bios and some pictures of the work.  I know that an art fair in 2015 had stopped doing this (Frieze New York) and I was disappointed to find out that I could not buy a book since that’s usually my physical take-away from these fairs.

Another one would be an option to be able to buy items like prints.  After all, it is a fair so there are a variety of buyers there – from serious collectors, to people that want a new piece of art for their home and prints tend to service a younger, less collector-heavy market.

Rendition of a famous Renaissance painting by Jason Montinola